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Thames Valley Signs provides all types of visual communication, whether internal or external, on a vehicle, building or free standing, for sales promotion or keeping customers and staff safe. If there’s a message to be communicated we can help make it happen.



By Catherine Dove 04 Dec, 2017

At Thames Valley Signs we are excited to be offering 25% off all our  print services , including business cards, leaflets, point of sale materials and much more, with any van or sign order. Just get in touch with our team to discuss how we could create something fantastic to advertise your business, whether that be an eye-catching new fascia or an exciting newly wrapped company van.

By Catherine Dove 28 Nov, 2017

Thames Valley Signs sponsored the 3 Moores Motors cars to race at Silverstone at the end of October and then a further 10 races around the country over the next 12 months. In preparation, the Thames Valley Signs team redesigned and wrapped the vehicles to ensure they looked awesomely unmissable on the tracks! The flawless, vibrant graphics, superb branding and slick contour design looked fantastic, finalising in 3 transformations that the whole team were very proud of.

By Catherine Dove 26 Oct, 2017

Nobody wants to be that business that blends into the background, the business that hears way too often, ‘Oh! I didn’t even know you were based here’. Your business front should be a town landmark point, your branding clear, bold, eye-catching and memorable.  Contra Vision  window graphics are the prime way to ensure every inch of your premises embodies your branding and makes a huge impact.

So what are the benefits of  Contra Vision  graphics?

1/ Transparency. Contra Vision products transform glass with one-way vision graphics, meaning that they can’t be seen from the other side. Your business interior will look as bright as usual and vision to the outside world is clear and unimpaired.

2/ Privacy. Sometimes parts of your business don’t need to be displayed to the public, such as meetings with new clients or customers. Conceal some of your interior with window graphics - practical and aesthetic. Shielding your interior also creates curiosity within the customer to see what’s inside.

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