By Catherine Dove 04 Dec, 2017

At Thames Valley Signs we are excited to be offering 25% off all our  print services , including business cards, leaflets, point of sale materials and much more, with any van or sign order. Just get in touch with our team to discuss how we could create something fantastic to advertise your business, whether that be an eye-catching new fascia or an exciting newly wrapped company van.

By Catherine Dove 28 Nov, 2017

Thames Valley Signs sponsored the 3 Moores Motors cars to race at Silverstone at the end of October and then a further 10 races around the country over the next 12 months. In preparation, the Thames Valley Signs team redesigned and wrapped the vehicles to ensure they looked awesomely unmissable on the tracks! The flawless, vibrant graphics, superb branding and slick contour design looked fantastic, finalising in 3 transformations that the whole team were very proud of.

By Catherine Dove 26 Oct, 2017

Nobody wants to be that business that blends into the background, the business that hears way too often, ‘Oh! I didn’t even know you were based here’. Your business front should be a town landmark point, your branding clear, bold, eye-catching and memorable.  Contra Vision  window graphics are the prime way to ensure every inch of your premises embodies your branding and makes a huge impact.

So what are the benefits of  Contra Vision  graphics?

1/ Transparency. Contra Vision products transform glass with one-way vision graphics, meaning that they can’t be seen from the other side. Your business interior will look as bright as usual and vision to the outside world is clear and unimpaired.

2/ Privacy. Sometimes parts of your business don’t need to be displayed to the public, such as meetings with new clients or customers. Conceal some of your interior with window graphics - practical and aesthetic. Shielding your interior also creates curiosity within the customer to see what’s inside.

By Catherine Dove 30 Aug, 2017

Now is the time you really need your business to be shining out above your competitors, catching the eye and drawing attention to the amazing services or products you offer. The few months coming up to Christmas are a huge opportunity to boost business and build awareness of your brand, so you need to ensure your premises look professional and interesting. Acrylic signage is the perfect solution, the popular plastic material having all the right properties to create durable signage with a big impact. Here are a couple of benefits of the use of acrylic in signage:

Strength & Durability

Acrylic is stronger and more durable than glass, making it a safer option for signage. With the strength to be used inside or outdoors, it is 17 times more strong than glass so will withstand the impact of storms and accidents. It’s long-lasting durability means you know  acrylic signage is a good investment.

By Catherine Dove 29 Jul, 2017

In 2016 Thames Valley Signs went through some massive management changes and since then has seen huge progress in multiple business areas. In March 2016 Thames Valley Signs became an independent company, separating from a larger parent company to begin an adventure of its own and only a couple of months later in August 2016, Robert Pennington became owner of Thames Valley Signs.

As soon as Rob Pennington joined the Thames Valley Signs team momentum started building to increase and improve the way the company presented and marketed itself.

“I wanted Thames Valley Signs to take the bull by the horns when it came to marketing the amazing things we do - promoting our services is so essential and we just weren’t doing enough of it!”

-Rob Pennington

The first element of the business to start on was improving the company website. Rob got in touch with a local digital marketing agency  Digity  to discuss how to truly represent and advertise the innovation, creativity and quality of the projects Thames Valley Signs work so hard on.

After many meetings and a lot of work, the brand new website was born in November 2016. Integrating stunning imagery, an eye-catching design and an intuitive interface, it is the perfect ‘digital shop window’ to market the services we offer.

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